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ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK —–
Ultimate data extraction. This tool extracts images (also embedded), PDF metadata, extracts, and merges tables. It can split and merge documents, convert PDF to Excel, CSV, and XML. It can repair damaged text and perform an advanced search. Improved OCR filters in PDF.

ByteScout PDF SDK —–
It is a great SDK for developers that helps to create and modify PDF files from the start. Supports C# or VB.NET. Based on sophisticated technologies. Most image formats support mode. It can modify security settings within PDF docs.

ByteScout PDF to HTML SDK —–
Fast data conversion within PDF files. Works with C# language completely preserves layout, text, and images positioning in order to keep the original PDF format as it is.

ByteScout BarCode SDK —–
Complete SDK that generates and reads all 1D and 2D barcodes on the developer mode. The tool uses ActiveX interface to create barcodes from classic ASP, JavaScript, Excel VBA, Word, Delphi and more.

ByteScout QR Code SDK —–
This tool perfectly works uniquely with QR codes. It includes real-time barcode finetuning, supports Unicode, binary data encoding and various image formats. SDK works with no additional software or connection.

ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK —–
This SDK easily reads multiple barcodes from images or PDF files. You can read the following 2D barcodes: Datamatrix, PDF417, MicroPDF, QR Code, MaxiCode, Aztec, Code 16K, HanXinCode (2D). You can scan 1D barcodes: EAN 13, Code 39, EAN8, ITF-14, UPCE, Code 128, Codabar, UPCA, Databar.

ByteScout Invoice Parser SDK —–
This tool helps to create instant invoices and proceed with payments. It works with multiple documents and several tables at the same time and includes reinforced OCR filters.

ByteScout Document Parser SDK —–
With this tool, you will create documents for personal and business use. You can process several files with multiple tables supported.

ByteScout PDF Viewer SDK —–
Complete SDK that allows view and process PDF files.

ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK —–
Performs conversion PDF to BMP, PDF to EMF, PDF to TIFF and PDF to PNG images.

ByteScout Text Recognition SDK —–
Includes improved OCR filters, can recognize text from PDF fast. Helps with damaged text recognition and much more.

ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK —–
It is a smart tool to work with Excel, CSV, ODS. It reads, exports data to PDF, XML, TXT, HTML. It supports in Unicode, checks errors and generates custom reports.

Screen Capturing SDK —–
A useful tool that helps to record screencasts and work with videos supporting ActiveX interface and DirectShow filter.

Image to Video SDK —–
The tool converts BMP, PNG and JPG images to AVI and WMV files with video transition effects.

SWF to Video SDK —–
The tool converts FLV and SWF to AVI and WMV files with video transition effects.

Watermarking SDK —–
It is an easy way to set watermarks on your images with different effects, image resizing options, batch watermarking.

ByteScout, Inc.
【詳 細】
ソフトウェア開発支援。 ドキュメントの作成・結合、PDFフォームの処理、コンテンツの保護、情報(ファイルや画像の抽出)、さまざまな形式の内外への変換

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